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“SAFETY FIRST, AVOID THE WORST”istock_safety-first-sign

Safety does not just happen, it is achieved by planning and organizing the working environment, engaging a skilled and competent work force; maintain equipment and trained staff in safe working practices. Sigma Con.has unmatched commitment to employee safety and its quality has moved the company to make a significant positive difference before any project starts. As an organization Sigma Con. has employee, equipment, education and abilities unmatched in the field of Electrical installation Projects.

Safety first, avoid the worst is more than a slogan at Sigma Con. – it is part of our culture and value. The employee/management is responsible for the way in which the equipment is used, how the task is performed, adopting the procedures given during training. Although much is done by Sigma Con.and others to make environment safe as possible; in the end the individual along is responsible for his/her own action and the effect that action may have on other people.


 The company is supported by shop and yard facilities which maintains and house over NRs. 60 Million worth construction equipment, hand tools, machine and support facilities. State-of-art construction equipment provide a basic operational advantage and contribute to high quality and well managed projects.

Sigma Con. owns and maintains complete equipment for high voltage transmission line and underground cable installation, tools for the installation of electrical equipment in substation and industries. DG sets of different capacities and vehicles of different size and capacity such as cranes, backhoe excavator, cargo trucks, mini trucks and pickups are also own by the company. The company has procured three sets of engine operated hydraulic Tensioner and Puller for transmission line and also complete tools for OPGW live line stringing works.


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